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Assisting in Delivering the Value

Providing further support and direction

The demands on IT are dynamic.  You need a staffing model that is up to the task. 

While the market has an abundance of technical analysts, it is difficult to find qualified executives that can quickly step into varying degrees of responsibilities.

Whether the need is for a program manager to work with your functional leadership to set the path for the team, or an interim IT manager to lead the team during a leadership transition, or an interim leader during a merger or acquisition, you need a competent Business/IT leader you can depend upon.

Joe’s leadership for an IT group in transition was tested during rapid growth of a Global Consumer Technology Company.  He grew a competent team that helped change executive’s view of Information Technology from a “utility kept in a closet” to a “team of valued business enablers”.

Joe supplemented his team with other executives whose experience complements his passion for value.

Our consulting experience has allowed us to be exposed to a multitude of organization structures, challenges and solutions.  We bring that experience to your organization.

Whether in a support role or a leadership role, your management requires supplemental resources that can be depended upon and who can think and act on their own.

We bring solutions to the table, accelerators that can quickly move the team to a resolution.  Rather than blank templates, we bring content.  Content that was derived over the 30 years of consulting for large and small private companies as well as local and provincial public sector organizations.


Benefits of this Service Offering:

· Seasoned executives that can complement your leadership team

· Management accustomed to coming up to speed quickly

· Management accustomed to rallying a team around the initiative or the business of IT

· A foundation to build upon, once we leave

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