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Delivering Business Value through IT.

Business Value can be delivered across a number of facets.  JcEvers Consulting Corp has specific service offerings but can also structure a project to your unique requirements.

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Text Box: You’re an IT or Business Leader who knows your team can make a difference.   IT Departments are mandated to support the organization as it delivers value to customers or constituents.  The IT Value Assessment helps the IT Leader assess their department and build a Roadmap to Value.  Not an onerous effort, it can  help your team highlight where to focus in the short and long term.

IT Value Assessment

Text Box: You’re facing a number of requests to address a wide range of issues.  How do you prioritize your company’s assets (dollars, people, time)?  As you manage the initiative, how do you keep the team focused on the right path?  Once you’ve completed a project, how do you monitor progress to ensure you gain the return on investment? Developing and maintaining a business case is the foundation to each of these challenges.

Initiative Business Case Development

Text Box: Whether you’re selecting a new ERP package or upgrading to the latest version, business value needs to be an integral part of your implementation plan.  Whether it’s PeopleSoft, SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, Lawson or Microsoft, over 20 years of  ERP experience is leveraged to help your team anticipate challenges, mitigate risks and meet their personal and corporate goals.

ERP Project Management

Text Box: The IT market is a dynamic one.  Organizations often find themselves in the need of additional IT leadership, whether to supplement existing management or to temporarily fill a vacant position.  Our years of consulting experience have demonstrated our ability to quickly come up to speed and help your IT organization move forward.

Supplemental Leadership

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