JcEvers Consulting Corp

Delivering Business Value through IT.

Our core team has experience is a wide range of business systems initiatives.† We complement that experience with specific industry or technology skills from our Associate Network.

Led a team of client and consulting team members through the planning, budgeting and implementation of a Finance & Human Capital ERP and Process Change initiative.† Worked with multiple departments and stakeholders to build a solution vision and project plan.† Contributed in such diverse areas as ERP Scoping & Planning, Technology Planning, Change Management Strategy, Governance Standards and Process Design.

Following many challenges within their IT department, culminating with the departure of their IT Department, client engaged us to assess the IT Organizationís structure, governance and performance.† Developed a Roadmap for Improvement based on value goals including a wide range of organizational, process and technical recommendations as well as an executive communications plan.

Asked to work with functional and technical project leaders to address project delays and miscommunications.† Worked with the team to assess progress against standard project norms, identified issue root causes and project risks.† Developed Quality Assurance and Risk Mitigation Plan that was rooted in Project Business Case and Task Planning.† Remained on the project in a part-time executive support role.

Working with the CIO, structured and facilitated IT Strategy workshops involving numerous user department stakeholders.† Facilitated workshops, presenting complex content and encouraging active participation from a diverse group of attendees.† Workshop and facilitation received high participant feedback scores and comments.

Conducted a series of stakeholder interviews spanning the supporting and operating department personnel. Collected current & future processes and systems profiles.† Compared findings with that of peer organizations and developed a roadmap for the future.† Roadmap included how the client could capitalize on existing investments and other initiatives already underway.

ERP Implementation Program Manager

IT Strategy Facilitator

Project QARM Support

IT Transformational Assessment

Learning Management Strategic Plan

Sample Engagements†††††† ††††††