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Capturing the elusive ERP Value

The business analysts have lamented on the uncertainty of the ERP value promise. Companies continue to wonder why some implementations deliver on the promise, while others do not.

With 30 years of managing ERP implementations, we understand the interdependency of People, Process, Technology and Strategy and their influence on the delivery of ERP business value.

While the ERP vendors tout the ease and flexibility of their products, its the implementation approach that is key to the success.


We can work with your team to plan, estimate and manage your ERP selection, implementation, upgrade or expansion. Our experience managing a diverse list of packages in a wide range of industries have given us the insights in what the vendors miss and what they do well in.

Developing a plan that is measurable and deliverable based will help your team work together to the common goal


Benefits of this Service Offering:

 A seasoned Project Director leading the team through an achievable implementation

 Insights gained by planning, designing and implementing solutions based on SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle, JD Edwards, Microsoft, Lawson and BPCS

 Quality built into the design and implementation, reducing later rework and project overruns

 Minimal package customization, improving solutions stability and maintainability and reducing implementation costs

 Business Value focus, avoiding implementing technology just for technology sake

ERP Project Management

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