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Articulate the potential

Articulate the value of your initiative

CFOs and CIOs are continually challenged to demonstrate the value of their IT initiatives.  People within the organization will have differing expectations about overall budget, required features and function, implementation timeline, solution life and return on investment.

The Business Case is more than a collection of numbers… it is a vehicle to identify, articulate and, hopefully, align executive stakeholder expectations.  The creation of the business case provides a vehicle to discuss the goals and features of the initiative, gain executive alignment, and then monitor the project through its life.


We work with your team through any of the initiative lifecycle.

Strategy/Planning: work with your team to develop the business case to justify a project.  How does the initiative align to the business strategy? What issues are being addressed? What qualitative and quantitative benefits can be achieved? What costs will be incurred during the project and to support the initiative afterwards?

Delivery: work with your team to plan and deliver the initiative.  Define the baseline cost and benefit monitoring facilities to provide the team with a roadmap to completion.  Define the phases/waves of delivery that best position the project for short-term gains, staff and executive buy-in and risk mitigation. 

Communication: work with the team to develop and deliver effective value messages to key internal and external stakeholders, thus justifying ongoing investment in the solution or related initiatives.

Benefits of this Service Offering:

· A Business Value view of the initiatives

· A structured approach to developing, monitoring and delivering the initiative value

· Efficiency & Effectiveness… cornerstones to value driven management

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