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IT Management is continually assessing how their team can deliver more value and more operational dependability.  You need a framework that allows your team to assess their current situation, articulate the goal and define the plan to get there.

The IT Value Assessment uses a defined set of meetings and discussions to summarize the IT Department’s capabilities and plans across four categories:

Management Processes: Gains a view of how IT is managed as a Value Operation.  It gains an understanding of the overall IT strategy and plans and assesses how these align with the general business goals.


Organization:  IT value is delivered by the people and responsibilities within the IT Department.  In many cases, IT is challenged by needing to respond to multiple priorities with differing objectives.  This category reviews the number, responsibilities and capabilities of the IT staff.

Applications: IT value can be greatly impacted by the capabilities, fit and integration of the business support applications.  This category reviews the Systems Portfolio supporting the business.

Technology: the underlying foundation of systems can have a great impact on IT and the business.  Through discussions and review of the infrastructure, this foundation is assessed along reliability, performance and security spectrums


Benefits of this Service Offering:

· A Value-centric view of the department

· A Roadmap to Value outlining the target solutions and the priority initiatives to get you there

· Pragmatic solutions…. Building on what you have and what your business truly needs

IT Value Assessment

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